NOW OPEN, Loose Fitness Room

Call Loose and reserve your time, Drop-ins on availability only, Usage limited to 30 minutes when people are waiting, all participants must sign a consent form. 

ZUMBA & ZUMBA GOLD $5 per class

Low-impact dance/exercise class that includes stretching, balance and easy dance moves. GOLD is a specially designed class for the active older adult or unconditioned person. Wear comfortable clothes and smooth-soled athletic shoes and bring a water bottle.   

LINE DANCE  Tuesday Class - $4 Thursday Class - $5

Exercise your body & mind by dancing to lively, upbeat music. Line Dancing is a fun way to dance socially without a dance partner. Many dancing styles are covered and fun is had by all. Drop-ins welcome! 

YOGA $5 per class

Gentle Flow YogaBecome aware of your body as you gently flow from one pose to another, making adjustments as you go. Learn how to hold the pose to increase your strength and concentration.

CHAIR YOGA Discover the health benefits of yoga while honoring your strengths and limitations.  Strengthen your balance and increase your range of motion with the assistance of a chair, a wall or a block to learn a pose or to get deeper into one. LINE DANCE $4 Tuesday Class, $5 Thursday Class

FIT4EVER $5 per class

A fitness program of gentle exercise and movement that improves strength and balance while increasing energy and stamina. Men and women are invited to attend.


Organized Wii play is held on Thursdays, and open play is available when there is no schedule conflict. If you are interested in Wii bowling, please contact the Loose Office. 


If you are interested in the Biking Bunch, please contact the Loose Center at 735.9406, leave your name and contact information: phone number and/or email address. Ride leader Ann Walker will get in touch with you about riding events.


 A fun, indoor activity meant to improve your level of fitness. Open to men and women. Join us at 6 pm at Linden Elementary school located at 400 South Bridge Street in Linden.


Monday & Wednesday, 6:15 - 9 pm, $3

Friday, Open Play, 11 am - 4 pm (please call ahead)

Try out the fastest-growing sport around! Pickleball! Similar to ping pong, badminton, and tennis, it's a fun, active game that can be mastered by anyone.